bette (03.22.09, 6:54 PM): One of the Russian professionals on "Dancing With the Stars." Can't remember her name.

Kjersti (03.19.09, 10:35 PM): LOL...your dad's comment is the best. I agree. I think he has it right on.

Diane (03.19.09, 6:08 PM): Yeah, a little like Uma Thurman!

Dan R (03.19.09, 4:17 PM): Im going with UMA THURMAN!

K.Cox (03.19.09, 3:42 PM): Barbra Streisand

Dad (03.19.09, 1:22 PM): I think she just needs a Samurai sword and a motorcycle jump suit.

Alexandra (03.19.09, 8:46 AM): She looks like Chrissy from Threes Company.

Diane (03.19.09, 6:56 AM): Well, let's the first shot she kinda looks like Jennifer Aniston? Maybe? A little? Hey, I am soooooooo looking forward to the painting with light video......woo-hoo! Great job Michael in everything that you do. You make learning fun! ;-)

Adrian (03.19.09, 6:43 AM): Let's see... Hanging out with (at least) 3 beautiful women in Hawaii for several weeks and taking great pictures. Where are the applications to be Michael's assistant posted?