Danny (03.19.09, 7:10 PM): What a beautiful life you have Michael! Now I am considering to quit my 8-10 work.

Diane (03.19.09, 1:20 PM): Michael, you didn't get a brain freeze from that shake, did ya?

Diane (03.19.09, 9:20 AM): Talk about a man being "focused" .... :-)

Rob (03.19.09, 9:10 AM): M, you know that didn't sound right. A woman came over and sat next to you and you talked to your camera... I know you love photography, but sometimes you have to set aside the camera and talk to the ladies. ;)

Nathan (03.19.09, 8:54 AM): thats funny a girl just comes over and sits next to you well your shooting your video.......

Diane (03.19.09, 6:57 AM): Dang! The colors in your shots are just outstanding! You ARE the maven!