Kjersti (03.19.09, 10:27 PM): That pool will always be the setting where I met two new friends, Michael and Michael. That is at least what I think about when I look out the window three days a week at that pool from my room at work. The best week ever in Maui :-)

Michael (03.19.09, 8:13 AM): Hey. I recognize that pool.

chaos2k (03.18.09, 8:53 AM): I love this shot and how it looks like the pool and ocean meet. is this an infinity pool? they had one in Jamaica it was pretty cool

Boz (03.18.09, 7:39 AM): ok, my question is .... why Alabama? I mean I'm sure it's nice there and all, but Maui vs Alabama...and palm trees...thanks for sharing the images Michael, just wondering if we'll see a change in the google search - Maui Wedding Photographer - Michael Andrew Photography?

Diane (03.18.09, 6:49 AM): What a beautiful shot! Pardon the dumb question (still new to photography) but what do you mean when you say you "bracketed one f-stop" and what does that do? :-)

Kjersti (03.18.09, 4:44 AM): So...while you were enjoying yourself in the pool at that time, I was getting soaked just down the path trying to get the massage cabana packed up. I think you were having more fun than I was. Great shot!