Nel (03.20.09, 2:13 PM): Alex, I wondered the same thing. Must have been some sprint and enough time to strike the pose. Wow!!

chaos2k (03.18.09, 9:04 AM): Beautiful shot and location.

Adrian (03.18.09, 7:05 AM): thanx for the info. I currently have CS2 and no lightroom, so I have the lollipops, but no PBP. Really makes me want to upgrade software now. Why do blogs make me want to spend money every time I look at them?

michael andrew (03.18.09, 12:04 AM): Thanks everyone- Yes, Paintballer Pro always comes first, it seems to do most of the heavy lifting for me, then I tweak to taste in Photoshop.

Lauri (03.17.09, 11:37 PM): I think this is one of my favorites! It is truly amazing!!

Rob (03.17.09, 11:30 PM): I would think Paint baller pro came first. PBP are presets for camera Raw and Lightroom. First thing that happens when you launch a raw image is it opens in camera Raw. Lollipops are actions that are run in photoshop. You should check out the videos

IndigoJackiah (03.17.09, 10:41 PM): You are amazing :)

Jeannie (03.17.09, 8:35 PM): WOW!!!

adrian (03.17.09, 8:15 PM): Which came first, paintballer pro or lollipops? (or does it matter?)

Diane (03.17.09, 6:25 PM): Great shot....great colors.......funny narrative! :-)

K.Cox (03.17.09, 3:23 PM): Thanks for the Run, Run, Run... otherwise I would have assumed you had someone else take the photo. Cute narative!

Diane (03.17.09, 1:28 PM): Dang amazing!

Rob (03.17.09, 10:53 AM): You must be having so much fun there. I can only imagine what the video is going to be like.

Alex (03.17.09, 8:21 AM): I have no clue how you got all the way there in 10 secs. over jagged, wet rocks. Impressive!