Alex (03.13.09, 5:16 PM): Very nice pics Mike, ahem, girlfriend material... That would be great, you guys make a nice couple...!

Chase (03.13.09, 4:26 PM): Otlichno...

Rob (03.13.09, 1:31 PM): Wait... You speak Russian? Is there anything you do not do?

Diane (03.13.09, 12:55 PM): Okay....this is why I love this site....I'm always learning. Derrick, what are gels????

Kjersti (03.13.09, 12:54 PM): Now that is picture perfect!

Boz (03.13.09, 11:40 AM): Beautiful Pictures - and Wow, what a beautiful smile on Neli ! I am so thrilled you are doing this shoot in Maui, I've never been, so this will be like my virtual trip while learning something too!

Derrick (03.13.09, 11:32 AM): Michael, really nice landscapes and subjects!!!! What lens are you shooting with on this picture and the ones below with Neli? Are you using any gels or filters on the flash? Thanks!

Diane (03.13.09, 6:51 AM): Duh! If I had scrolled down I would have answered my own question :-)

Diane (03.13.09, 6:50 AM): Nice.....I love the beach! Who's the young lady? ;-)