Sharp Gilpin (03.11.09, 11:13 PM): Definately not a kid show - lot of parents are missing the 'R' rating of this movie. Agree with Michael for the most part TOOOO LOOOONNNGGG. Actually nodded of a couple times. Again - Kudos to the guys who put the trailer together. Save your money people - watch the trailer!!

Mark (03.09.09, 1:32 PM): I went to see this movie this weekend. I agree with everything Michael said. VERY BORING AND SLOW. Also the characters are portrayed as infamous thugs in the beginning and then you realize they're talking about the "super heroes." I don't mind movies that make you think, but after awhile instead of thinking about where this movie is going you start thinking about why did I come to see it. If you were at all intrigued by the trailers, you will be unpleasantly surprised watching this movie. It's not anything like the trailers portray. Wait for the DVD version if at all.

Pete (03.07.09, 10:02 PM): To truly appreciate this movie it helps to have either read the book or know a bit of the back story. I guess the biggest suggestions I would give people is if you go into this thinking you are seeing a "superhero" movie you will be sorely disappointed. I will second what Mike said. This is NOT a movie for kids.

Sharp Gilpin (03.07.09, 5:36 AM): Now I'm thinking twice about going to the movies to see this. The trailers look so good but then again that's what the trailer is supposed to do !!!