Rob (03.04.09, 12:31 PM): Have you seen the new Olympus e-30? You can live preview the double exposure to make sure you are lined up properly for the shot. Here is an example.

michael andrew (03.04.09, 1:33 AM): yes, it was photoshopped. You can do a double exposure with digital, shoot on blub and use a flash to make multiple exposures!

shannon (03.03.09, 11:20 PM): that is adorable!! so great michael!!

Bob in ATL (03.03.09, 9:20 AM): Are you saying "stop" or L for loser? HAHAHA... great one. Is this at a school or library or something? I hope this isn't a gym's idea of spinning class!

chaos2k (03.03.09, 8:40 AM): LMAO I love your expression. this is a instant classic

Diane (03.03.09, 6:56 AM): What a fun shot!

bcvammen (03.03.09, 6:07 AM): Ok, Photoshop would be the easy answer, so I'm not going there.......can you make a double exposure with a digital camera?