Katie (03.03.09, 10:36 PM): This shot is AWESOME!! I love it!

michael andrew (03.03.09, 1:24 AM): Yes, the camera is missing. Many good guesses. Ill post how I did this soon! :)

Rob (03.02.09, 11:48 PM): I'm guessing you want to keep this clean, so that rules out my first guess. I would have to say you are missing a rectangle. You have the basic shapes here. Circles, triangle, Diamond, and square. I even see a trapezoid in the top right within the triangle. Great use of shapes M.

Adrian (03.02.09, 8:00 PM): Camera on monopod with strap around your neck supporting it?

kjersti (03.02.09, 7:29 PM): Since that is your neck between the circles formed by your hands being held in front of your face, the camera would have to be behind you some place. I agree that the only thing I do not see is the camera. The shadow looks like Gumby without any arms at first glance :-)

michael andrew (03.02.09, 5:15 PM): Aside from Paintballer Pro, no adjustments were made in Photoshop. This is a single layer, no editing of shadows. I was also alone when the picture was taken. Ill post the answer soon.

Aaron (03.02.09, 3:48 PM): Is there another person there with you? The shadow on your left leg is huge. I know you work out and are muscular but not disproportionate. Also, how did you get those circles so round? The shadow on your right hand looks like the profile of a face but so does the one on your left. I don't know though. The main shadow on the grass is very dark. I am anxious to learn how you did it.

DIane (03.02.09, 2:19 PM): I'm with Brian.....is it the camera?

chaos2k (03.02.09, 1:39 PM): supposed to read did you have it around your neck or PS out the shadow.. Couldn't find how to edit comment

chaos2k (03.02.09, 1:37 PM): I'd say the camera shadow. did you have it around your neck of S out the shadow? just my guess