berry woodson (04.12.09, 12:38 PM): I have a 580 but not the ii. I wonder if I should get the ii.

Derrick (02.26.09, 5:32 PM): Michael, I am only mentioning this as you may be incorporating this chart in your crash course DVD. The top line in your chart (Camera Model?) says and Canon 40D instead of 430ii Speedlite. =)

Adrian (02.25.09, 9:48 AM): I got my 430ex for $200. If I had to pay $330 I probably would have held off for the 580.

Diane (02.25.09, 9:41 AM): Just a thought......anyone know of any place where you can "trade up"????????

Diane (02.25.09, 9:39 AM): Wish I had known these facts before Xmas when my husband (on his own/without any coaxing from me) purchased the 430ii for could I tell him anything other than "Wow!"......but I guess I'll have to start saving my pennies for the 580, eh?????? ;-)

chaos2k (02.25.09, 9:25 AM): Wow. thats a huge Difference . I'll definitely be getting the 580II when I ever get around to getting a flash :)