michael andrew (02.07.09, 12:49 AM): Yes you need Photoshop CS3 or CS4 to use them.

Jeannie (02.06.09, 7:47 PM): Do you have to use it exclusively with Photoshop, or can you use it with any photo editing program?

kim (02.06.09, 7:46 PM): tssssssssssssssss....hot

michael andrew (02.06.09, 4:27 PM): Elsie- Yep! :) Bob- I was raised to shoot ambidextrously, I prefer to shoot pistols right handed and rifles left...kinda weird, but its always worked pretty good for me.

Bob in ATL (02.06.09, 9:09 AM): Are you a lefty?

K.Cox (02.06.09, 8:10 AM): It is my Birthday! Impressive.

Diane (02.06.09, 6:51 AM): You never cease to amaze us!

Elsie (02.06.09, 6:30 AM): Oh is that why you had the urge for gumballs? LOL.

Boz (02.06.09, 6:15 AM): Ahhh, the Top Secret package! Congratulations-Terrific Display Ad Too.