shannon (01.30.09, 11:24 PM): Impressive!!

K.Cox (01.30.09, 10:51 PM): It has to be mounted/placed just a hair above his right ear. Look at what appears the largest in the image. His Right Hand. That would have to be the closest to the camera. After all I can't believe his right thumb is really as large as his head. : )

Megs (01.30.09, 5:27 PM): Is this the camera in the mouth shot?

Dan R (01.30.09, 3:16 PM): Ya Michael....Where is the camera?

Diane (01.30.09, 1:24 PM): Seriously...where is the camera? I don't even see a reflection of it off of the mirror! Nice!

Adrian (01.30.09, 7:44 AM): are you wearing your skydiving helmet to hold the camera?

Boz (01.30.09, 6:07 AM): Is this your reaction to adding the chapter on the 430? lol