Chaos2k (01.31.09, 1:13 PM): -12c ah thats almost like spring after the winter we are having:). Glad your making this DVD Michael. I don't have a speed light yet but I'll grab the 580exII when I do :)

michael andrew (01.30.09, 12:26 PM): Use the WINDOWS!! :)

Boz (01.30.09, 6:08 AM): Thanks for your willingness to do the extra chapter - and I now know I need to break down and get the 580, thanks for ending my search re 430 trigger/slave, I'll take some other kind of studio lighting I guess - looks like mostly indoor shots at tomorrows wedding - 70% chance of MORE snow, and a high of minus 12 up here in Canada!

michael andrew (01.30.09, 12:19 AM): Ok- Ill order a 430 tomorrow, break it down and make sure its included on the DVD. Just remember a 430 can act as a slave, but not a Master Trigger. Its a wonderful little flash, but if you have the $$ get the 580.

K.Cox (01.29.09, 10:18 PM): It might be a good idea especially if you are using a flash for slave and don't want to put out the money for 2 580s.

shannon (01.29.09, 5:46 PM): i guess now i need to get a speedlite!!!

Adrian (01.29.09, 3:52 PM): to steal/bastardize a line from the godfather "just when you thought you were out, we pulled you back in". An extra chapter would be great. if nothing else it would probably convince me I need a 580 (when my wife asks, I'm blaming you).

Diane (01.29.09, 2:57 PM): Michael, that would be great if you could/would add the extra chapter.... as I said, the 430 was a Christmas gift from hubby so I don't dare indicate he should have gotten the 580!!!!!

Boz (01.29.09, 2:01 PM): My votes in for the extra chapter - that is an excellent idea, I would think about 30% would have gotten the 430 - like me, thinking it was the smartest move - now I'm doubting myself so much. Quick question - is it even possible to fire a 430 using another 430 - I think I'm coming to the sad realization it's not going to work, I've even tried a basic external slave errrrr! For SURE - add the chapter, in the mean time, I'm looking at upgrading!

Sarah (01.29.09, 1:19 PM): Hooray! The 580 II is the flash I want to eventually get. I rented one earlier this month and had to just kind of wing it! I had no idea what I was doing, and as you said, the manual wasn't much help. So thanks for making this one. You rock, Michael!

michael andrew (01.29.09, 12:14 PM): I think the extra $100 for the 580 is worth it, but let me many of you would be interested in a 580/430 combo DVD? I can add another chapter for the 430ii, that way no one is getting left out.

Pete (01.29.09, 9:18 AM): Most of the stuff from the 580 should be usable to the people with a 430. You will just be shown how much more awesome the 580 is! This could all be a lie and I will be shamed forever with that statement. Granted, Michael might have a deal with Canon to get people to upgrade to the 580... hmmm. JK! :o)

Diane (01.29.09, 8:59 AM): Adrain....i'm with you! I JUST got the 430EX II for Christmas! Michael.......pretty please??????

Diane (01.29.09, 8:57 AM): Oh! I saw those legs!!!!! ;-)

Adrian (01.28.09, 10:33 PM): Crap. I guess now I need to buy a 580ex II speedlite. I though I was happy with my 430ex, but there's no video for that one. I'm such a lemming.

K.Cox (01.28.09, 9:50 PM): Palm Trees? Are you kidding me... How did you miss those legs?

Diane (01.28.09, 5:44 PM): Do I see Palm trees in the distance? A+ to you on finishing your project.