michael andrew (01.31.09, 12:16 AM): lol...no. Its an artifact of the processing effect. Its on my calves too. :)

Neal (01.30.09, 7:11 PM): So Michael.....is that you on the treadmill? And if so....are those tattoos on your neck?

michael andrew (01.28.09, 9:54 PM): That's a good question. I'm a little nervous that someone might think its weird but Ive realized, no one usually even notices. On this shot, I set it up right in front of the staff and they didn't even see. My philosophy is slowly becoming, Its up to them to stop me, and if they aren't willing to, I'm doing it. There are so many interesting shots outside and in the public with other people around. Ive never regretted it.

Katie (01.28.09, 9:03 PM): So, do people look at you funny when you bring a camera into the gym instead of an ipod? :-)

Diane (01.28.09, 4:26 PM): Run like the wind, Michael :-)