Sharp Gilpin (03.04.09, 11:12 AM): Very over-rated. There are better movies with better acting and FAR better music coming out of India every year (remember that movies were being made in India over 50 years ago) not all of them are the silly sing-song and dancing that is stereotyped in the western media. I wonder if this movie would have been nearly as much hyped up if Danny Boyle was not the Director. The acting by the REAL "slumdog" younger children in the movie was far better than the older actors. Yet these jokers were the front people to collect awards/ praise. What I think shocked people was the raw abject poverty that exists in India (as it also does in a number of third world countries). It certainly did open eyes as to the darker side of life in that part of the world.

michael andrew (02.19.09, 12:12 AM): lol, no I didnt take it, just a nice banner for the movie

Kent (02.04.09, 3:31 AM): I love the movie and thought it was very well done! Worthy of best picture award! By chance did you take this actual photo or was it just used to illustrate that you saw the movie?

Derrick (01.29.09, 9:20 AM): I just saw this and realized humblely(again) that if you think you got problems, others have worst ones that are part of their everyday living. Very good movie that kept me engaged but not for younger kids even though it has young kids in the movie.