kim (01.22.09, 2:55 PM): awww poor wittle mikey is scared moahahahaha

Scott Roeben (01.22.09, 12:14 PM): Great shot! Hysterical expression! Keep the inspiration coming.

Rob (01.22.09, 12:07 PM): Great shot Micheal. I admire you, you will pull out a camera no matter where you are or what you are doing. Is the smooth skin because of the noise removal? I know my iphone tends to generate some noise in almost every image.

Boz (01.22.09, 11:20 AM): Gotta love the ipone! What a shot for a phone, and right there when you need it too - great shot.

Diane (01.22.09, 11:19 AM): Funny :-)

Kjersti (01.22.09, 1:40 AM): Oh...the dental chair.