Pamela (01.22.09, 10:53 AM): My husband couldn't even find you! your good!

Alexandra (01.22.09, 10:17 AM): I still don't see you guys ...LOL

michael andrew (01.22.09, 1:39 AM): :) Its because Im half ninja i tell you! Im sitting sideways. Ive added enlarged pics so you can see.

Phat Photographer (01.22.09, 12:48 AM): Even with the circles, I'm not sure I see you :).

Pamela (01.21.09, 4:11 PM): HAHA I was going to do a shot like this with my husbands sniper gear! SWEET!

kim (01.21.09, 10:47 AM): only one I found was in the front, neat

Bob in ATL (01.21.09, 9:32 AM): Were you dressed for Paintball or something? That is a pretty big hill!