michael andrew (01.20.09, 7:07 PM): Its really helping. I have additional rules which I am following, but the most important things are that I feel like I am pushing myself in terms of creativity and execution. Its like "working out" or "exercising" your creativity, making it stronger. Hard to explain.

Scott Roeben (01.20.09, 11:35 AM): Stunning shot! My favorite so far, easily. Are you finding that this ritual is stretching your skill set? 365 is a lot of images!

michael andrew (01.20.09, 2:02 AM): 2 Regular pocket wizards, one in my hand one on the camera connected with the camera cable. They are standard, Pocket Wizard Plus II Transceivers.

K.Cox (01.20.09, 12:43 AM): I know you use a Pocket Wizard but which one?

K.Cox (01.20.09, 12:40 AM): You listed all the Camera items used, but left off the type of trigger you are using. Please share with us.

Gary (01.19.09, 11:24 PM): WOW Michael, you have really taken your skill to another level buddy! This looks like a movie poster!

Diane (01.19.09, 5:54 PM): Michael, which remote do you have/use? Another great shot btw!

michael andrew (01.19.09, 4:14 PM): Thanks everyone. This was actually a pretty easy shot. Took about 20 minutes to get set up and take about 2-3 dozen shots. The remote trigger is in my right hand.

kim (01.19.09, 11:37 AM): i think this one's my favorite i like the way the sky looks

chaos2k (01.19.09, 11:17 AM): Awesome shot Michael. your 365 pics are amazing

Hagen (01.19.09, 10:51 AM): I'm a big fan of this one!

Chase (01.19.09, 8:13 AM): That is sweet...

Jessica O. (01.19.09, 6:50 AM): This one is my favorite so far as well. Awesome! How long did it take you to set this shot up?

K.Cox (01.19.09, 2:53 AM): My favorite Yet! That trampoline comes in handy.