michael andrew (01.20.09, 7:05 PM): Hey Mark- Im sorry to hear that. I dont have an answer for you but it sounds like something is wrong. If you have your Photoshop Disks I would suggest a fresh install or call Adobe. Let me know how it goes.

Mark Iuzzolino (01.19.09, 11:25 AM): Michael, I keep photoshop CS3 updated all the time. Is there some kind of download that I need? When in the RAW file editor in PS, if I hit auto it fixes it mostly. But when it's on default, it's extremely dark and over saturated.

michael andrew (01.19.09, 2:02 AM): Yep Karen- RR! Thanks Diane!

michael andrew (01.19.09, 1:09 AM): Mark- This doesnt sound right. Have you updated the latest version of RAW?

Diane (01.18.09, 6:00 PM): It's like you're thinking "Hhhmmm...someday my photo will be up there ....." :-) As always, great shot!

Mark Iuzzolino (01.18.09, 1:23 PM): Michael, this is a great work. It's very cool and interesting because you are looking at this great wall of (I guess famous) people. It sort of tells a story. If I can ask a question also. I'm watching your new Photoshop Crash Course and you cover some RAW files. I can't seem to get the right answer for my problem. Every time I download a RAW file into photoshop, all of the controls for color, contrast, brghtness, etc., are all adjusted to the right giving the photo a super saturated look. I have to manually readjust all the adjustments. Is there some option that will prevent this from happening? Thanks.

Karen (01.18.09, 9:28 AM): Red Robin??