michael andrew (01.16.09, 10:51 PM): Im in the study, camera is mounted on a tripod on the floor, if you look over my shoulder you can see it hiding in the shadow, the handle my reflection is in is for a magnifying glass which I placed on top of a high shelf.

Boz (01.16.09, 10:43 PM): Looks like you're in the kitchen??? But is that a curtain rod? Great challenge. Where is the camera mounted on this one?

K.Cox (01.16.09, 7:14 PM): Did you throw your camera again?

mark buehner (01.16.09, 9:37 AM): Is it the top of a fire poker? Great work, I just found your website three days ago and I love it.

Tracy (01.16.09, 9:20 AM): Mike, what is that? It reminds me of the door stoppers on top of doors but this is all metal so I'm guessing that's not it.