Sharp Gilpin (03.04.09, 11:17 AM): I have come to expect a lot more from Clint Eastwood. The message could have been delivered without the need for the extent of coarse language. I kept hoping for more - it never came.

T.J. Dreyer (01.12.09, 5:09 PM): I have to say I really enjoyed the movie... the language was a little over the top in parts but the story was a winner in my book.

Scott Roeben (01.12.09, 11:52 AM): I was SO disappointed with this movie. I wanted to like it, but it just fell short. The acting of the supporting characters was just terrible, and the story was cliched and overly simplistic. The racial language was pretty much pointless, and it felt like entire scenes were created just so more racial epithets could be spewed. I just thought it had a kind of amateur vibe to it (not indie, amateur). I'd say skip this one.

KCox (01.10.09, 5:05 PM): Thanks! My parents are Pastors, and mom asked me to look into this. I told her what I thought it would be... and you confirmed it. Thanks again.