michael andrew (01.10.09, 6:47 PM): lol- it was off to the side, so it wasnt pointing into my eye and only took a few tries.

KCox (01.10.09, 5:10 PM): I just noticed you listed Speedlite. OUCH! How many times was this picture taken with a 580 flashing in your face?

KCox (01.10.09, 5:09 PM): So am I seeing a trend here? Every 7 days we get to see a new Michael Shiffler body part?

KCOX (01.10.09, 5:03 PM): So What Color is this supposed to be?

kim (01.10.09, 4:43 PM): COOL! I wan a picture of my eye like this

Dale (01.10.09, 4:40 PM): What lens?

Saban (01.10.09, 2:03 PM): I am getting a little tired of the overblown superlatives. You are turning this blog into flickr, where everything and anything is "super", "spectacular", "amazing", "out of this world", "unreal".. btw, great picture, michael.

Diane (01.10.09, 1:38 PM): Whoa! That is spectacular!

michael andrew (01.10.09, 1:07 PM): ya- Its my eye. :)

Boz (01.10.09, 8:28 AM): No idea...my husband is guessing -your eye.