CarolC (01.12.09, 11:27 PM): I LOVE's a masterpiece!!!

Hagen (01.10.09, 12:23 AM): Is that Colgate or Crest? I would've guessed you for the latest, greatest, gadget of an electric tooth brush.

shannon (01.09.09, 10:10 PM): yes GROSS!! but so great at the same time. how did you do it?!

Dan (01.09.09, 3:19 PM): awesome michael- I think the spitting thing is a little gross too, but it makes the image, it wouldnt be the same without it. I can honestly say, I have never seen anything like this. How in the world did you do it?

JPW (01.09.09, 2:55 PM): gross.

Becca (01.09.09, 2:23 PM): You are an amazing photographer..Very cool shot...I loved it...

kim (01.09.09, 1:54 PM): ok...while that's cool...i could've done without the whole spit thing thanks ;p

Diane (01.09.09, 10:46 AM): Yikes!!!! Okay, was the camera under water????? Incredible!!!!!!!!

Rob (01.09.09, 9:02 AM): Pretty gross indeed. If you didnt get this on the first shot, you must have the whitest teeth in town! That or your gums are now raw. Nice shot M.

Boz (01.09.09, 8:25 AM): That has got to be the best one yet - very cool!...and kinda grose at the same time! :)

Chase (01.09.09, 8:12 AM): That is a sweet picture...

Kjersti (01.09.09, 4:10 AM): If Salvador Dali had been a photographer, I think he would have created something like this. Very surreal. This side of you is fun.