Diane (01.06.09, 2:18 PM): LOL :-) I thought it was a knife/sword blade at first, too! Michael, what's this Top Secret MA Preset Pack, eh????? Come on, share!!!!!

Scott Roeben (01.06.09, 1:15 PM): Oh, and I agree with the other commenter...it took me a bit to figure out what I was seeing. At first it looked like the blade of a sword with your reflection in it. Really thinking outside the box by having the camera inside the car on this one. I'm starting to see the point of the 365 thing!

Scott Roeben (01.06.09, 1:14 PM): Great shot. Hey! There's a "Top Secret Michael Andrew Preset Pack"?! First, I thought you told us everything! Second, what's a preset? Hork.

Diane (01.06.09, 9:27 AM): Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! Got it!!!!!! I'm a little slow first thing in the morning :-) Awesome, Michael....and pretty darn creative!

KCox (01.06.09, 8:14 AM): The picture was taken with the camera on the inside of the car. Michael is scrapping the windshield. You can see his chin and lips through the first clearing swipe.

Diane (01.06.09, 6:55 AM): Nice! But, I've been staring at it and can't figure out what it is!?!? Love the reflection from it. How'd you get so good???? ;-)