shannon (01.06.09, 12:02 PM): this is rad! and you know i only save the word "rad" for especially RAD things :)!!

michael andrew (01.06.09, 1:33 AM): thank you for the comments everyone, I really appreciate you taking the time to write. :)

KCox (01.06.09, 12:00 AM): This is why you are the Maven!

Sue (01.05.09, 8:36 PM): I hope you didn't think I was calling you crazy to be mean I just think you are very brave. Braver than me cuz I would be to scared to drop my camera.. I think you are an amazing photographer and hope that i can be half as good as you soon:)

michael andrew (01.05.09, 3:58 PM): I left my Sky Cam set up in Bama, and I wanted to go with something a little more threw it up. It took about 40 tries.

Chase (01.05.09, 3:43 PM): You threw it up, seriously? I thought you had attatched your 20d to your sky-cam pole and triggered it remotely...

michael andrew (01.05.09, 1:35 PM): This was fun. I used a 20D just in case I dropped it, but ya, wide angle lens, set the timer and threw it up as high as I felt comfortable...I do the same with small children, so I figured what the heck.

nicole (01.05.09, 12:26 PM): awesome

Paul Gallagher (01.05.09, 11:34 AM): I bet you wouldn't try that with your new 5d

Diane (01.05.09, 8:24 AM): Alright! How'd ya do that??????

Scott Roeben (01.05.09, 12:18 AM): Can't believe you're not only tossing your camera into the air...but in the snow, too! Risky business!

Kjersti (01.05.09, 12:06 AM): That is pretty funny...the snow and a t-shirt. I would be freezing!