nicole (01.04.09, 8:32 PM): WOW-holy smokes!

Tracy (01.04.09, 4:36 PM): I must admit, seeing the fingerprint folds is a little erie!. I'm loving this challenge that you are doing.

Heather (01.03.09, 7:00 PM): Hey Michael check out the Sigma DP1. Point & Shoot with RAW capability.

Pete (01.03.09, 10:18 AM): Kathy the cheap extension tubes work, but you do not have any control over your aperture. The DOF is crazy wide open, which those cheap extension tubes require.

Karen (01.03.09, 9:20 AM): Absolutely amazing!

Kathy (01.03.09, 7:53 AM): Very cool! Question...Do you think the cheap extension tubes on ebay would do an adequate job vs the $170 Kenkos or would it be wasting money to try?

shannon (01.03.09, 2:15 AM): that is pretty amazing, i am just mad i didn't think of it :)!!

KCox (01.03.09, 1:48 AM): I absolutely love the second photo.