michael andrew (01.02.09, 11:55 PM): 1/320 f 5.6 ISO 50 - It was processed as a JPG in RAW. ;)

george (01.02.09, 11:16 PM): so, what are the specs for the shot?

michael andrew (01.02.09, 11:07 PM): As a part of my 365, I am trying to give everyone a little better idea of what I do in my normal life and how I like to spend my time. I like to go to the park 2-3 times a week and plan.

tammy (01.02.09, 10:31 PM): are you writing new years resolutions in this one? ;) this blog is always a great place to learn...thanks!

sue (01.02.09, 7:10 PM): Great shot Micheal

Alexandra (01.02.09, 5:25 PM): Check out www.Shuttercal.com. this site let's you keep a calendar of your photos, one a day.

Diane (01.02.09, 12:47 PM): Love it! How cold were those seats? LOL

george (01.02.09, 10:55 AM): like it a lot. what are the settings?

Alexandra (01.02.09, 8:47 AM): Love it

Karen (01.02.09, 5:30 AM): I love the simplicity and stillness of this one.

Sabine (01.02.09, 2:59 AM): you must be either really fast or have a remote that works long distance. I like the image, it refelcts a nice balance between nature and academic piece & quiet