KCox (01.01.09, 1:03 AM): Know anyone in college or have a college near you? They sell DEEPLY discounted CS4.

Alexandra (12.31.08, 10:01 PM): Not to change the subject but I really appreciate your movie reviews and was wondering if you have seen Gran Torino (with Clint Eastwood)? I have heard mixed reviews about it and was wondering what you thougt about it, or if you have seen it.

Alexandra (12.31.08, 6:08 PM): Good info to know! Thank you for a year of wisdom I hope you and your family has a prosperous and blessed new year!

Scott Roeben (12.31.08, 2:10 PM): That's disappointing to hear. Adobe does so much right, you'd think this would be a minor (relatively inexpensie) matter. You'd think that they'd be especially careful about not irking their prime clients...the folks that upgrade often and who are loyal to a fault. I guess they dominate their "space" so much, they may be getting a little comfortable. Thanks for the heads up on this.