BJ Duncan (08.08.11, 8:07 AM): Probably a bit late for the prize (however I wont refuse if offered!) You call them "Blister" - They only turn up AFTER the work has been done.

Bill Cvammen (02.19.09, 8:30 AM): Hey Michael, a great term for someone who shows up after the work is done, offering to help? how about "the blister"

Scott Roeben (01.06.09, 1:23 PM): My contribution to this one's going to be "Taffler." (A person who participates in the age-old art of "taffling.") Inspired by the original acronym TAFL (or "Thanks A F-ing Lot!"). Hey, Taffler is two steps removed from the bad word, so I think it should qualify as an entry. Love the other ideas, too!

Kjersti (01.02.09, 3:47 AM): Tootelate...It is a concoction of "too little too late"

Alexandra (12.31.08, 10:13 PM): I got one ...I got one ... no thanks to Joe's "lakifert" we unpacked the groceries. Lakifert = Lack of Effort (lakifertly, lakifertous)

Scott Roeben (12.31.08, 2:16 PM): Whoo-hoo! I've been dying to get my hands on that Photoshop Crash Course DVD! Procrastination finally pays off! Now we need a word for someone who procrastinates and ends up being positively reinforced for the bad behavior. (Like people at work who don't return phone calls immediately...and the problem gets resolved in another way.) Thanks, Michael, you're the man!

K.Cox (12.30.08, 9:39 PM): No Help, Not Helping =A NOLP or NOLPER

Shawn (12.30.08, 4:37 PM): Come to think of it May-Sayer works leaves you asking yourself...would this person have actually have helped me?..or paid the bill?...hmm they "may" have...May-Sayer

Shawn (12.30.08, 4:32 PM): Ohhh!!! I love these new word ideas... ok lets see..lets put the words Meh and say together..and call the person a Meh (pronounced May) -Sayer... Meh-Sayer

Caroline (12.30.08, 4:25 PM): I'll have to think about this but I HATE when this happens. Another thing is when you pay for say lunch and then the person you are with says, "Oh I was gonna pay for your lunch." YEAH RIGHT! I haven't commented in a while but I just wanted to say I hope you had a fabulous Christmas. If you have a chance please post some pictures soon. I don't care what they are of I just REALLY miss seeing pictures on your blog! Happy New Year! PS-Love stort! That is awesome!

michael andrew (12.30.08, 4:25 PM): Ross- That is hilarious! Ive seen this a zillion times. :)

michael andrew (12.30.08, 4:24 PM): Hey Heather- Ive been sending updates out regularly are you not getting them? they will be shipped on the 15th of Jan 2009. Let me know if you arent getting the newsletters!

Adrian (12.30.08, 2:00 PM): How about Procrastassistant. A combination of procrastinator and assistant. Kinda like a late helper.

HEATHER (12.30.08, 1:24 PM): When is the photoshop dvd coming out? :(

Hagen (12.30.08, 1:15 PM): Felp / Felper / Felping = Fake/faux help. This would also include someone who removes cushions and pillows from a sofa that is being moved. I've said these sarcastic words many times: "Thanks for getting the cushions, Hercules."