Steve (02.06.18, 4:38 PM): Stort: My example-I don't have any stort left. Meaning: I've completely run out of physical or mental energy, I'm to worn out to continue. You've tried your hardest but just can't go on.

michael andrew (12.31.08, 3:04 PM): type in "stort slang" in google.

michael andrew (12.31.08, 3:02 PM): give it a few days, it will show up on the search engines and reference this blog as the source.

Scott Roeben (12.31.08, 2:30 PM): Oh, nevermind. "The entry you created seems to have been a protologism and has been deleted. If you are sure that it is a real word, please provide evidence of this word being used in durably archived media (mainly printed books, and usenet groups) as required by our inclusion criteria. For a term to be included, it must be used by at least three different authors, spaced in time by at least three years, and the authors must not explain the word's meaning." Oh, well...worth a try!

Scott Roeben (12.31.08, 2:27 PM): The word's already starting to spread:

Scott Roeben (12.31.08, 2:18 PM): I'm with Melissa! It's don't realize how many incidents of storting there actually are until there's a name for the phenomenon.

Melissa B. (12.30.08, 4:26 PM): BTW, said storter was NOT me. :)

Melissa B. (12.30.08, 4:26 PM): Funny that you should post about this today. Earlier (though, at the time, I couldn't remember the term), someone storted the toilet paper in the bathroom at work. Now, that's irritating.