michael andrew (12.29.08, 10:36 PM): bed time stories is pretty good for kids of all ages. I went with a 5 and 6 year old and they loved it. :)

Julia Shinkle (12.29.08, 12:46 PM): Hi Michael. I went to see Yes Man based on your review and it was good except that one part...Why do they have to do that, it doesn't make it a better movie...just stupid and gross!!!! Anyways, is Bedtime Stories not good for under 8 years old then?

Diluk (12.29.08, 11:16 AM): Hi Mike, I am really interested to buy your Canon Rebel XSi Crash Course DVD Training Guide. May be I might be the first Sri lankan to ask this but could you please consider a concession on shipping charges or on the traning guide? Because in Sri Lanka our currency is weaker against the US$ ending up paying huge amount. Hope you could do something. Thanks alot!

michael andrew (12.28.08, 9:46 PM): Thank you for your support Omar. Hey Tracy...I think you were in one, Paul, Mark, Thad and that one girl we never saw again. :) lol

Tracy (12.28.08, 9:24 PM): I was remembering one of your first movies while seeing an infomercial for bowflex. That one still brings a smile to my face.

Omar (12.28.08, 9:43 AM): Mike you are a brilliant individual.........