nikki (06.10.09, 1:26 AM): Here is my list of iPhone app recommendations: i. Klick ii. Bloomsberg iii. Camera (for zooming) iv. Gas Cubby v. Facebook vi. LinkedIN vii. Tweetie (twitter) viii. Wordpress ix. ToDo (paid version) x. All-in-one (converter) xi. eReader xii. TWC (The Weather Channel) xiii.iTrain (for fitness) Enjoy the phone. It's definitely the most awesome phone I had ever owned. My pictures on flickr with this phone really surprised me as well, although it's basically a 2Mp camera...:-)

michael andrew (12.17.08, 3:48 AM): these are incredible apps. Im trying all of them out. Thank you for the suggestions, and if you have more please keep them coming

Zackary Baker (12.16.08, 11:33 PM): Just came across TiltShift that looks like a interesting one.

Zackary Baker (12.16.08, 10:25 PM): Well you are a photographer so check out PhotoCalc, It has several mice features but the one I use the most is the sunrise sunset times. I know you are on facebook so the facebook app is a must have. iTalk is great for voice notes,it even lets you sync those voice notes to your computer. Air sharing is a nice app that lets you transfer any file to the iPhone just as if it was a network hard drive. And lets not forget Google Mobile App that lets you do a google search by just saying what you want to search for.

Don Young (12.16.08, 7:54 PM): I have "Shazam" and it is by far the best. Have you ever been sitting in you car and a song comes on the radio and you don't know who sing it or the name. Just hit the app and "Tag". It will listen to the song and than tell you the name, artist and let you watch the video as well as download the song from itunes right than. I tag a bunch than go on itunes and get the ones I want. Also if you have a mac and have garage band you can make free ring tones of you songs and put them into your Iphone. Hit youtube and type in free ring tones iphone and it will show you how to do it. Good luck I love my Phone.

Elsie (12.15.08, 8:31 PM): Speed Dial 1-4 for 1 touch designated dialing.

Adrian (12.15.08, 6:24 PM): the best ones IMHO are free. Pandora radio, listen to music from artists you like for free and have the ability to buy it from itunes if you want. We spent 20 hours in the car on a recent road trip and did nothing but play with this music app and decide if songs were "thumb worthy" (thumbs up or thumbs down). Urbanspoon is pretty cool, Say Who voice dialer. and Jellycar is a fun little app. I have had mine for 2 months and have yet to pay for any apps. I have been to consumed with the free ones to care about buying any. Maybe I am missing out on something great, but I am not aware of it, so I am OK with that. :)

Enrique (12.15.08, 3:25 PM): Hey Mike, These are the apps i use the most and the ones i like. Movies(flixter), Shazam,facebook, Pandora,google, the weather channel, scoremobile. hope it helps.let me know if you have any questions about the apps i mentioned.

Clint (12.15.08, 3:16 PM): Wikipanion makes wikipedia easier to use on an iphone. Facebook app is pretty awesome. Wordpress app for on-the-fly posts. Pandora for mobile internet radio. Shazam (which snippet of music and then tells you what song it is)...for awesomeness.

michael andrew (12.15.08, 1:21 PM): wow! are you serious?? thats freaking awesome!

Rob (12.15.08, 1:03 PM): I use the free app called Vlingo. You can seach your contacts, make a call or search the web just by saying it. You can even do a facebook update.