Boz (12.14.08, 7:41 AM): Hey, checked out this cool gadget for your gadgetry list I think this looks so cool for doing editingL:

K.Cox (12.13.08, 11:25 PM): You Must see "A Walk in the Clouds" this was Keanu's best movie. This was a perfect date movie suitable even for Christians!

george (12.13.08, 10:40 PM): haven't you notices that Keanu can't act? he has proven this time and time again. He just says "Wouw" in a deep "cheesy" voice.

Danny (12.13.08, 9:59 AM): I agree, there's something missing in that movie. This movie might be environmentalist movie. Anyway, looking forward to see the X-Men Origins too. And as for the rest of this weekend, Delgo? C'mon Michael, you saw Bolt, so Delgo should be fun too, right? :D

Pete (12.13.08, 7:56 AM): Hugh Jackman is an executive producer for that movie. It is a big money issue. I have read interviews were he has said creatively he is satisfied with his involvement with Wolverine. I am excited about this for another reason. My favorite Marvel character Deadpool is going to be in this. I just hope they don't mess him up.