kim (12.21.08, 10:46 PM): people are too obsessed with wanting to live longer and longer, you're still gonna die no matter what you do. waste of money in my opinion it'll have you chasing ghosts. i think of it sort of like the movie minority report...just because you're predisposed to something doesn't mean it'll happen.

Dan R (12.21.08, 9:31 PM): President Bush signed a bill that makes it illegal to discriminate based on genetic code: Even still, it will probably happen.

Kjersti (12.21.08, 8:47 PM): People have been going back and forth about this for years now. You presented the upside, which there are a lot of good points. I loved the idea when I first heard about it. The downside to it is how the information will be used if the insurance industry ever gets hold of your test results. If they know who is going to be predisposed to a disease, then they have the opportunity to deny life insurance or they may state that you have a pre-existing condition, so it will not be covered by your health insurance policy, or you could be charged excessive premiums, because you are more likely to get sick in the future. Look what insurance companies do already with the information available to them. Just my two cents.