george (12.07.08, 9:02 AM): the 1999 was my first SEC game. i was shocked that we got wooped like an old rag. There was a lot of termoil in our team, but not spurrier's best game that's for sure. last night's game was an instant classic. But tebow showed he is a warrior.

michael andrew (12.03.08, 9:17 PM): I remember when Alabama played Florida in the SEC Championship Game in wasnt pretty. I think Saturday will be a great game.

george (12.02.08, 11:38 AM): you guys deserve the celebration after losing 6 straight. i will give you that. but it was auburn at it's worse. i mean with a 3-2 win (earlier in the year), i think anyone can beat them this year. is it 12/6 yet???/

Monique (11.30.08, 7:51 PM): Roll Tide!!! I hope they can pull it off on Saturday. I loved the look on Tubby's face....priceless!

Tracy (11.30.08, 6:17 PM): You know George, that's just not nice ( :p ), I mean really give the Bama nation at least one day to relish the LONG overdue stomping of Auburn! RTR!!!

george (11.30.08, 4:15 AM): wow, great game. could not have been more equal on both sides....not....the tide should prepare to be rolled as the mighty gators chew them up on 12/6. it will be rolled tide!

michael andrew (11.30.08, 2:37 AM): I watched the game here. Bama looked awesome!

pete (11.29.08, 9:22 PM): Roll Tide! Geez. I would have thought there would be more Bama fans dropping by.