K.Cox (01.27.09, 4:36 AM): Never heard of the books, and the only reason we saw this was it was at a Cinema Grill and we had already viewed the 007 movie that was the alternative. I will BUY the movie. No Sex, No Cursing, Everyone was dressed. I couldn't believe I liked it. I even came home and watched it again on youtube.com. It is a modern day Romeo and Juliet. The great thing was it broke stereotypes, you never knew what would happen next (again never read the books) there was a sustained level of tension throughout the movie. Worth renting for sure! By the way, there were more guys in the theater when I saw the movie than girls... but I didn't see it till almost February. I couldn't help but sit in the theater and think did Michael see this?

heidi (11.24.08, 4:16 PM): i did the same thing. on a whim i went to see it friday night with about 20 peeps from my ward who knew the books word for word. i thought a bunch was good and a bunch was cheesy and the middle part seemed like a preteen music video. but, here it is monday and i am still thinking about it and i have decided to take the plunge and read the books starting tonight.

kim (11.23.08, 1:09 PM): read the books have no desire to spend $20 to go see it i'm gonna wait until dvd comes out. I'm actually surprised at the good review. I do want to see Bolt though :)

Tracy (11.22.08, 2:56 PM): Loved the movie and Mike if you ever have time to do something completely useless (I realize this is pretty much never) the book are pretty darn good. Hope the screaming girls in the theater we not too obnoxious for you!

nicole (11.22.08, 10:02 AM): LOVE the books and going to see the movie, can't wait!