FAPORT International (05.19.09, 11:51 PM): Nice blog, i like the wrist bands that shows here...

Pamela (05.10.09, 12:27 AM): Hey I remember you posted this a while back and I wanted to let you know about rock band bracelets... it's my cousin Lee's line of jewelery! thought you might like it! www. rockbandfashion.com you can get them for less at macys!

K.Cox (12.30.08, 10:54 PM): Im sure your heritage is slipping through and surfaces every once and again. But there is no doubt your Long Man Arms can afford the illusion of shortening your length by 4" others are not so fortunate.

Omar (11.23.08, 6:19 AM): I checked out the store. Pretty cool bands. Gonna have to get me a pair. Can't just have one. Might feel uneven, lol.

Shawn (11.22.08, 4:42 PM): Im half Viking too!!!!!

kjersti (11.22.08, 2:00 PM): I had no idea big leather bands were in style. I read your blog and then I had to go to the Shops to look for shells for work. I stopped in at the Guess store and low and behold they had wide leather wrist bands in the men's section. Of course they were nothing in comparison to the quality of the ones made by Freddie Matara. Just the idea was the same. Now if somebody really wanted to copy you, but couldn't afford to, then the $24 price tag would be attractive. You could have the look, but not the quality.

michael andrew (11.22.08, 3:16 AM): probably because I am half Viking...

kim (11.22.08, 12:12 AM): *you

kim (11.22.08, 12:11 AM): why did want it so bad? just felt barbarian?

Shawn (11.21.08, 9:37 PM): This is incredible!! I'm allergic to metal and can't wear a watch, this would be a really nice change for me!

Megs (11.21.08, 3:21 PM): It's because you moved to Utah and you've been sucked into being fashionable. :)