Dad (11.20.08, 11:44 PM): I liked it !

kjersti (11.18.08, 3:28 AM): I was just watching Nightline and they were talking about how this movie is like watching a 2 hr commercial. No gadgets, but a lot of product placement. Then they began showing how movies are using this more and more, but they have to be careful in how they place the products as to not offend the viewer by making them think it is a commercial. I found it interesting, because we tend to turn the channel when a commercial comes on, but now we are being tricked into watching them during movies. It has been done for years, but I never thought about it much.

Dave (11.16.08, 12:53 AM): Definatly not as good as I expected it to be. The last bond movie was lacking gadgets.. this one had none! Whats a bond movie without action, gadgets, and pretty girls?! It was packed with lots of action but every frame happened so fast it took a bit of thinking to put it all together.

Nathan (11.15.08, 10:55 PM): This Is a Great movie lots of action but theres no gadjets wich kinda sucks i think casino royale was better Allthough i would give it 4 out of 5

michael andrew (11.15.08, 12:19 PM): maybe, but why no gadgets? None at all!!

Elizabeth (11.15.08, 11:49 AM): I meant to type "the 'amount of' action scenes"...

Elizabeth (11.15.08, 11:47 AM): Yeah, I agree with you, Casino Royale being better...and the plot was definitely lacking...I think they were trying to make up for the fact that Casino Royale lacked the action scenes that Bond movies usually have...