kjersti (11.12.08, 1:37 AM): Thanks Michael. I feel better now :-)

michael andrew (11.11.08, 10:12 PM): My understanding is in 2007, there were 21 deaths in skydiving out of 2.5 million jumps, or .0000084 chance of death skydiving. As far as cars go, 43,000 people were killed out of 300 Million, which works out to a .0001433 chance. Thus you have a 17 times greater chance dying in your car than you do skydiving. Believe it or not!!

kjersti (11.11.08, 9:17 PM): Do those statistics take into consideration the number of cars on the road in comparison to the number of people sky diving? I have always been curious, because I have heard people say that you have more of a chance of being struck by lightening than being bitten by a shark. I always quote statistics to make me feel better when I am out on the water, but I have always wondered how they were figured out. Once again, congrats on your jump. I think it is fantastic.

michael andrew (11.11.08, 9:08 PM): terrifying is a good way to put it....but absolutely worth it. You feel so awesome and proud of yourself when its over.

Jason (11.11.08, 6:30 PM): I have been skydiving twice and it was truly a terrifying yet grand experience! The second time obviously did not have the same edge as the first...but was just as gratifying.

Alexandra (11.11.08, 4:38 PM): Wow...wow....wow. I will live vicariously through you! :o)

michael andrew (11.11.08, 1:50 PM): The initial drop makes your stomach drop, but after 5-6 seconds, you feel fine.Its hard to tell you are falling, because you are so high, it feels like a massive amount of wind around you-its so loud you cannot hear anything even if you yelled as loud as you could. So we have a lot of pre-determined hand signals to communicate with each other. My instructor is telling me to position my legs differently before he lets go. If you notice before we jump, I look at him and shake my head, then bounce up, down and then jump. We practice this a few dozen times and it becomes a reflex so when the moment comes you do not hesitate. Once on the ground, you feel like a million dollars. the first time I did it I was on a high for 2 months! I kid you not!

Derrrick (11.11.08, 1:43 PM): Just keep raising that bar!!! =) I noticed in the video that it seemed you were talking to other sky diver after you left the plane. Was that so and you can hear each other or was it hand gestures in preparation for the landing? Just curious. Thanks.

Laura (11.11.08, 1:26 PM): Kudos to you for doing it. I am just thankful my husband isn't on this blog becaue you probably would have sold him on jumping.

Alexandra (11.11.08, 1:17 PM): Can you try to explain what or how you feel when you 1) are on your way down and 2) when you are back on land!