George Kravis (04.17.09, 11:56 AM): I'd like to get yor DVD "Canon 50D Crash Course', but I can't find anything on your blog that mentions it. Please advise. G.K.

Kathy (11.02.08, 9:39 PM): You could make podcasts available on also...another great marketing tool for you... It works for Zune mp3 players like itunes does for ipods...

Diane (10.29.08, 2:59 PM): I know this is where I found you ... and thank goodness! I check in your site everyday and learn something everyday just from reading the posts alone! Great job Michael! Please don't ever leave us!

Scott Roeben (10.29.08, 11:30 AM): That's astonishing! Really impressive, and entirely deserved. There's nobody out there doing what you're doing with the quality of your information or your way of delivering it. It's always clear and accessible. Good going! Given the sheer number of people posting to YouTube, that's even more impressive.

Alexandra (10.29.08, 11:25 AM): That's great! In no time you will be in the top 10!

Boz (10.29.08, 10:17 AM): WOW! And you know, after seeing only 2 of the lessons, I can see why! I wasn't even wanting to start into the videos just yet due to time schedules, but you have done them sooo well...well, it's addictive.

Rob (10.29.08, 9:23 AM): Congrats. I think that is where the majority of your users on the forum found the school. Utube turned out to be a great marketing tool.