judy (11.19.12, 12:48 AM): Does this photoshop cs3 software program for sale have a serial no. to register with adobe?

Diane (11.18.08, 6:40 PM): I think I'm going to get over my fears and jump into e-bay and bid on one of the CS3....wish me luck

Laura (10.28.08, 12:57 PM): Where can you buy it for that price on Ebay. Also what is the difference between Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended?

Kathy (10.25.08, 9:00 PM): Mine was $200 on ebay....

Danny (10.25.08, 8:14 AM): I got my photoshop CS3 extended from eBay last month for only $325.00, brand new, unopened item.