gref (03.10.21, 7:08 PM): wow

Joe (03.10.21, 7:07 PM): I loved WandaVision, I shared the story of this movie to my brother and he's going to watch this after he built closet at Claymont, our residential house.

dk (01.19.21, 9:38 AM): i agree. i found this spinoff extremely irritating. i wasn't expecting action or anything similar to marvel universe film. but my gosh...i tuned out after 15 minutes. I'll rewatch cobra kai season 3 all day over this.

peter (01.18.21, 5:26 PM): I have a feeling this is a back door into a modified House of M story line. If so, it's gonna take some weird and side ways story telling to get there. I watched the first one last night, and I'm enjoying the potential for something that isn't just more of the same.