Alexandra (10.17.08, 6:34 PM): Thank you Rob. Beautiful pictures Michael.

Rob (10.16.08, 11:51 PM): HDR = High Dynamic Range. You take multiple exposure of and image and combine all of them into one. This way you get the complete tonal rage in the image.

Scott Roeben (10.16.08, 1:57 PM): Stunning!

Alexandra (10.16.08, 12:23 PM): What is HDR?

Hagen (10.16.08, 8:46 AM): "Create HDR images" is on my to do list.

george (10.16.08, 8:10 AM): i like the "filter" that was applied after the picture was taken. it looks like a painting. The shadows are very distinct too. really nice picture.

Chase (10.16.08, 8:06 AM): That is an amazing picture, I just set it as my background...