michael andrew (10.18.08, 2:26 AM): use another camera? :) Im having a hard time with it to....Im looking into some other models.

heidi (10.17.08, 5:41 PM): i have this camera. i like it for it's basic purpose, documenting my family's day to day antics. short of buying something sooper fantastical, what is the #1 thing that i can do with this camera to make my shots better?

Rob (10.15.08, 2:48 PM): The Samsung NV24HD is a small high quality P&S with HD recording capabilities @ 30 fps.

michael andrew (10.15.08, 1:21 AM): here is the deal...I need a point and shoot that is very, VERY small. Something smaller than a cell phone, this way I can have a camera with me ALL the time. It needs to be REALLY amazing. I have some older Canon Elphs, they are just a little too big and a little old. Ill keep my eyes peeled, if you have a suggestion, I will try it out and post a review.

Elizabeth (10.15.08, 12:13 AM): I had a Kodak point and shoot, don't remember the model number, but EVERY shot was a good shot except for extremely close up pictures...it broke, still mad about that. Ha, I know right where you are in that picture, I remember being there...and yeah, the stocks will come back up...they always do.

stephen norris (10.14.08, 10:31 PM): We love our canon SD850is. We have found that when you have someone else take a picture, they move as they press the button. The kids and pets setting on the camera has a quick shutter speed and we get fewer blurry pics from friendly passersby.

Bob in Atl (10.14.08, 10:18 PM): Do we all need to pitch in and get you a G9? At least you would feel a bit more comfortable with some options!

Kathy (10.14.08, 5:25 PM): Not to mention the fact that it's kind of like driving a Kia after you've been in a Ferrari....no comparison! But hey, the image reminds me of my old Canon SureShot. LOL :)

Alex (10.14.08, 2:52 PM): Well, you know as they say, "Make every shot, a PowerShot"! Ok, ok, I'm done.

michael andrew (10.14.08, 12:11 PM): ya...its hit and miss....I can get it to co-operate about half the time. I wanted a camera I could hand to anyone that would take great pics, this isnt the one.

Rob (10.14.08, 12:00 PM): Sure the camera plays a part in the photo. Its more about the one behind the camera that makes the photo.

Pete (10.14.08, 11:45 AM): I have to agree with Alex. Nikons make me feel dirty. I have been a diehard Canon user for close to twenty years. Mike, this hurts my heart.

Alex (10.14.08, 10:45 AM): I'm trying to remain objective about the image quality since you always put up beautiful images, it's hard to compare from a point and shoot. That and I work for Canon so knowing a die-hard Canon user like you bought a Nikon makes me a bit sad. ;-)

Bob in ATL (10.14.08, 9:21 AM): Ok... wait a minute... What in the world are doing buying a Nikon P&S???? That is like sacrilege for a Canon user! I knew Ashton Kutcher would get in your head!

fulmer (10.14.08, 8:36 AM): terribly out of focus