nathan (10.14.08, 3:29 PM): what kind of filter did you use

the reaper (10.13.08, 11:10 PM): these pictures are a good example of why im going to be your shadow michael till i can shoot with the same accuracy

Elizabeth (10.10.08, 12:41 PM): Glad you indulged in a fabulous looking pizza! These pictures are just fantastic!!!

Nicole (mom) (10.09.08, 7:40 PM): Nice Michael, you travel a lot huh

edwin (10.09.08, 4:00 PM): pictures have a real warm feeling to's like I've been there

Laura (10.09.08, 12:57 PM): Michael, I have to say that it is so wonderful to see NYC through your eyes. I have lived just outside of New York City for 7 years and spend at least 1 weekend a month in the city. To me, it's same ol' same ol, but seeing and viewing your excitment for your very 1st official trip to NYC, it makes me realize how much I take it for granted and how much I really really love Manhattan. Thank you for a refreshing and nostalgic account on New York City.

Scott Roeben (10.09.08, 12:02 PM): I figured you'd sneak in a NY pizza at some point. It's the water! Love the post-processing you're doing on many of these. Gives it that kind of painty, iconic, timeless, surreal feel.

saban (10.09.08, 11:17 AM): great shots.

Rob (10.09.08, 8:51 AM): Great shots Michael! You really captured the busy, fast pace of the city.

Bob in ATL (10.09.08, 7:50 AM): So it is 8:30am and somehow that pizza looks REALLY GOOD! Yum!

Tracy (10.09.08, 7:42 AM): Awesome pics Mike!