david (04.02.19, 9:42 AM): Mumbai, is a very good movie. I went in expecting a 13 hours type movie. but its not a Bay movie by any means. It does a great job focusing on the evil and the true heros. black and white difference. end of the movie teary eyed and somber. makes you hate terrorism so much more after seeing it, and cheer for the good in this world. haven't seen dumbo. i'll probably wait for video/rental. pet semetary coming out, that is going to get this weekends watch!

Michael Andrew (03.29.19, 12:02 PM): I was on the fence about Dumbo, but I think I am going to pass on it. Let me know if its good! Hotel Mumbai would be a definitely for me, but we dont have it here :(

david (03.29.19, 9:13 AM): MA- thanks for the recommendation. watched this last nite. wow. very well made movie and plot. definitely draws you in, and not one boring moment. hope film makers in Hollywood take note. looks like they set it up for a possible sequel. we'll see... going to see Hotel Mumbai this weekend. and possibly Dumbo, but im on the fence about the latter. your thoughts as you see them? thx! keep on smiling, dk