Diane (11.18.08, 6:49 PM): Ya have to admit it ......it is one heck of a beautiful city at night!!!!!!

Kjersti (10.08.08, 2:02 AM): Phil, I don't think he is just showing that he could take a photo of a skyline handheld for 2.5 sec, he is also showing us his lollipop program. Without that program, the photo would not look the same as his. He should be very proud of his lollipops.

jodie curran (10.08.08, 12:38 AM): Phil- Two and a half seconds hand held is quite impressive, if not impossible for most photographers. If you can do this, id sure love to see. I dont know how you did it michael! Great shot!

michael andrew (10.07.08, 9:49 PM): Hey Jeff! Man I am so sorry I missed you. I returned last night. Hope to make it out again soon. I loved NYC.

phil (10.07.08, 9:07 PM): what's so special about this picture? has any of you even tried to take a picture of skyline? I am guessing no. Simply because you put a 2-8 second exposure, put the white ballance to custom or select a different setting and there you go. No big deal. Nothing special about this picture. Stop with the superlatives. Go out and try to shoot one for yourself.

Elizabeth (10.07.08, 6:33 PM): Absolutely lovely!

cristina4p (10.07.08, 2:55 PM): Wooooooooow!!!!

Jeff Taylor (10.07.08, 1:40 PM): Had you pointed your camera one field to the right, you would have taken a picture of my office building. How long are you in NYC? -jt

Alexandra (10.07.08, 12:26 PM): Amazing. You are so talented!

michael andrew (10.07.08, 12:06 PM): oh ya...one more thing- I used 4 Lollipops in the processing of this image: Deep Blue Sea, Other Side of the Fence, Purple Passion and Burnt Orange.

michael andrew (10.07.08, 12:05 PM): Its a ways off, but once I wrap up this Photoshop DVD, Ill be making a new video on how to do this.

Hagen (10.07.08, 11:47 AM): 2.5s...you're a human tri-pod :)

Rob (10.07.08, 10:46 AM): Astounding! You always manage to leave me in awe. Great shot! Looking forward to seeing some more from your trip.

Gary (10.07.08, 10:18 AM): WOW, you have got skills with that hand held shot Michael!! Beautiful!

Bob in ATL (10.07.08, 9:19 AM): 2.5 seconds hand held? Wow... what kind of practice are you doing to stop your movement? Even if I hold my breath on an exhale I always have some movement. Do tell! P.S. Great shot and looking forward to seeing more of your trip!bob

Kjersti (10.07.08, 2:05 AM): NYC is beautiful. Amazing shot.