michael andrew (10.08.08, 12:01 AM): it depends on the body, I am loving both the 24 and 35 1.4.

Boz (10.07.08, 8:47 PM): Nice shot Michael, looking forward to seeing more from your excursion! So after putting this lens to the test - what's your overall impression - I'm looking at getting a wide angle prime and would love to hear your expertise!

Lamonte Gwynn (10.07.08, 10:06 AM): Hi Michael, I stayed up until 2:00 am this morning looking at your Rebel XSi Crash Course DVD. GREAT STUFF! Have a wonderful time in NYC. I lived there for 13 years and moved back to Baltimore 2 years ago. B&H Photo is the best. I just received a delivery from them about 2 minutes ago (Interfit Single channel radio transmitter set). I love that store. The prices are very reasonable. Actually, it's where I ordered my Canon Rebel XSi from. Received it last week. Anyway have a great time!

Dave (10.07.08, 7:27 AM): I was in NYC on Saturday. BH was closed when i was there tho. I walked down 17 blocks to see the front of the store.

Thad (10.06.08, 11:41 AM): Dang Shiff, I like your spontaneous ways.

Laura (10.06.08, 7:35 AM): If you are looking for a great place to eat, there is a place called Focacceria on Bleeker Street & Macdougal Street in the West Village. They have the best Italian food I have ever had. You can't go to NYC and not go the Greenwich Village. It would also be an awesome photo-op, they have the most amazing neighborhood - unique shops, bars, and outdoor restaurants. It's always hoppin' no matter what day of the week you go. Also if you are looking to have a drink and just hang out. There is a bar that my friends and I go to all the time called the "Fat Black Pussy Cat" that has the greatest mix drinks and humongous martinis. It's on 6th Ave & West 3rd St. right near NYU and Washington Square park (you know the famous park with the big arch). Have a great time!!!

Kjersti (10.06.08, 3:26 AM): My best friend lives in NY. Her father was one of the firemen who helped on Ground Zero the first day and for many days after. He came to Maui while she lived here and he is such a kind man. I hope I get to visit her and her family there one day. It sounds like an amazing place. Can't wait for the photos!