carlo esteban (10.05.08, 10:30 AM): hi andrew, im an amatuer photographer from the philippines, really trying to start it out as a wedding photographer., i just got my canon 40d and i think its a great camera,i also wanted to get into studio photography so i got myself a couple of 250w strobe flashes,an umbrella and a softbox and some backgrounds to start out but until now im still practicing cuz i still cant get the right linghting,exposure,flash and all that.a lot of times i struggle in getting the correct exposure especially wen theres a sudden change in lighting conditions like in weddings and others. ive been watching your videos and ive become a great fan of your expertise,they're great and easy to comprehend for biginners like myself, i admire your kindness for sharing your ability to others.right now i should say that ive learned alot about my camera and basics of photography thanks to you.i hop i can learn alot more form you in the future. thanks man!

Elizabeth (10.04.08, 6:47 PM): Serendipity @ 225 E 60th st for a frozen hot chocolate...way over priced and I would make reservations because the wait is way long but SO heavenly...any of the greasy looking pizza places, they are all good...go to one of the museums, lots of opportunities for good pictures...times square...the usual New York landmarks. If you go to the Empire State building, go right before sundown so you can watch the city transform, it's incredible. Get your tickets before hand, the wait is forever are the lines for the Statue of jealous, I hope to live there for a few years and get a degree knocked out while I am NY...go see the Philharmonic or the Met or a Broadway show, you won't regret it.

Rob (10.04.08, 2:05 PM): Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero is what I would recommend. Definitely the museum! Too bad Im busy over the weekend, I would have loved to meet up. I'm about an hour from NYC. Central park is also a wonderful place. Bronx Zoo is cool too. There is so much you could do here.

Jim Jeffs (10.04.08, 1:21 PM): I just wanted to let you know I received the DVD on SXi and I am happy with your sevice and the product, thanks. jim Jeffs.

Hagen (10.04.08, 11:51 AM): ...and rock out some HDR's too!

Hagen (10.04.08, 11:48 AM): Do you know Michael Norwood? Looks like he is in NYC right now...he's posting some good eats...

Elsie (10.04.08, 11:36 AM): Great Food and lots of it! YUM!

Gary (10.04.08, 9:15 AM): Go to the PARK! And the Museum and Broadway, Rockefeller Center and time square!!! So much to see and do but walk everywhere, its all in the same vicinity!! Enjoy Buddy you deserve it!!

Tracy (10.04.08, 8:15 AM): Good for you taking a vacation! I can't wait to see the pictures when you get back.