Scott Roeben (10.01.08, 4:49 PM): Great to know! I'm taking the leap with the 24mm. Who needs food?! Michael, if you're ever hard up for something to blog about, you might delve a bit further into that whole area of why certain lenses on certain cameras, with certain sensors, simulate different focal lengths. It's all a bit baffling. I can only hope I'll be able to get good use out of this new 24mm if I ever upgrade to the 5D, or whatever cool body of the day comes along down the road. Thanks, Michael!

Kearstin (10.01.08, 3:02 PM): Mike we got our canvas pictures. Love them. Thank you very much for our help.

michael andrew (10.01.08, 12:09 PM): I hesitate even mentioning these lenses on here because for beginners, there are much better ways to invest your money when getting started (marketing, etc). However, once the ball is rolling and you feel you have a grip for things, its time to start looking at some of canon's amazing primes.

michael andrew (10.01.08, 12:06 PM): The 24 1.4 is an awesome lens, though at times it is a touch too wide. When going for tighter shots, you are limited on how close you can get, the 35 and 50 allow you to fill the frame better. That said, a 24mm on a 1.6x sensor, like the 40D, IS the equivalent of a ~38mm 1.4 - So it also depends on the body you are shooting with.

Scott Roeben (10.01.08, 11:50 AM): So, what's the thinking when you already have a 24mm f/1.4...those focal lengths seem so close, I'm not sure what you'd be going for. Then again, maybe I'm biased because you took our portraits with the 24mm, and those were spectacular.

Rob (10.01.08, 10:15 AM): Pleasing images as usual Michael. You just so happen to have such beautiful friends!

Danny (10.01.08, 9:56 AM): Great shots, love the 3rd one.