RonP (10.01.08, 9:01 PM): Michael, maybe you could include some info on water marking photos. thanks ron

michael andrew (09.30.08, 2:11 AM): monitor calibration will not be covered on this DVD, although it is a topic for a future video lesson on the photography school. Thanks for the input!

Boz (09.29.08, 10:02 PM): Probably covered - but adjusting white balance after the fact.

Scott Roeben (09.29.08, 11:40 AM): I'm sure you've covered all the necessary ground. It might be nice to have a section about top techniques specifically for photographers. Maybe something that incorporates techniques you've shown in other parts of the DVD, but which apply directly to photography...such as highlighting eyes, whitening teeth, fixing blown out colors, using layers to fix portions of images, etc. Maybe some of the "here's what I use and why" tips that made the 40D DVD so great. I suspect we're all suggesting things you've already included, but thanks for asking!

Rob (09.29.08, 1:06 AM): One more Micheal. How to use the camera calibration panel in Camera Raw.

Kathy (09.28.08, 2:37 PM): resizing images, compression, sharing images.... :)

george (09.28.08, 7:55 AM): yes, monitor calibration.. also, using filters WITH actual examples. not just one filter.

Rob (09.28.08, 12:47 AM): I would like to see something on noise reduction. Possibly monitor calibration using adobe gamma and how to find it in CS3.